Do you Get Overwhelmed Trying to Set Up Your OnLine Network Marketing Business??

Network Marketing Glossary for Non-Geeks?


I don’t know about you but getting your system set up optimally can be very overwhelming.  If you are like me who is new to this, it is very much like learning a brand new language.  In fact, it really is.  I think someone needs to build a really good glossary that explains things in plain English…not geek speak. …..hmmmmmmmmmm…. I’ll put that on my to do list once I figure it all out.

Just ‘Chunk It’

What I’ve found that helps me when everything is getting to be too much is to ‘chunk it’.  I break it down into little pieces, figure out the one that I need to do first, then focus on only it until I get it done.  Then I go back to my list and pick another item.  The tools that Magnetic Sponsoring provides are extremely helpful.  I just find the training material that corresponds with what I need to do next then use it as a guide to get me through what I need to do.

Start Here if you are new (or even if you are not new):

Magnetic Sponsoring
One of the best pieces of advice the Magnetic Sponsoring team has given is not to waste a lot of time trying to figure out the technology. They give you lots of suggestions on how to get the technical help cheaply to get the job done.  No stress!   Hmmm…I think I will go take some of that advice right now!!!

Starting A Network Marketing Business in 15 Short Years!


I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now About Network Marketing!

I have been a distributer for a Network Marketing Company for over 15 years.  Ask me how many distributers I have signed up in that time.  Go ahead, I dare you…well, the answer is way under 5…yup, I said under 5.  In fact I think it is closer to two if I really want to be honest about it.

I don’t know about you but I just don’t have the personality to sell anything to my friends, family and/or acquaintances.  And by sell I mean sweet talk, badger, hound, bother, talk about nothing else but my product…you get the idea.

Now if you recall, I said I have been a distributer for 15 years with this company.  The reason for that is because the products are freaking awesome.  I have become known as the local ‘witch doctor’ at work because I am always handing out my products to people in need.  It gives me great joy to see them get better but if I try to sell them it’s like a wall goes up…nope they say, I’m not interested, I’ll just get the products from you if I need them.

Does This Sound Familiar At All??

Well, times they are a changin’.  I literally stumbled on the answer to my lack of salesman gene.  If you have had a similar experience and want to find out more, click on the link below to get 7 free videos that explain how you too can start having more leads than you ever dreamed possible without having to sweet talk, badger, hound, bother or talk about your product incessantly to people who just want you to go away.

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Thieves Did It Again!

Well, I was working in Chicago last week when I pulled a pen out of my purse. You guessed it!  Ink all over the place including all over my hands as well as on my new Panasonic Toughbook F9.  Every time I looked at the ink all over my nice new computer I….well, I won’t say what I was thinking. 

Then I remembered that I had used Thieves Cleaning Solution to remove non-erase ink from a white board in the past.  Since I had a bottle of pure Thieves Oil and a bottle of Thieves Hand Sanitizer with me I thought I would try them to see what would happen.  Sure enough…took the ink right off of my hands (and there was a lot of it) and my nice new computer looks like new again! Needless to say I was grateful.  Had a big smile on my face too…

I love my Thieves…

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Use of Clove for Blood Pressure

>I have discovered that Clove works great for controlling BP
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Ninxia Red and Macular Degeneration

>I was so thrilled yesterday when I went to the eye doctor for a check up. I was told last year that I was in the beginning stages of macular degeneration. I have a very strong family history (Mother and Grandmother) so I wasn’t really surprised. I wanted to do whatever I could to arrest it so I started taking Ningxia Red which is a very high antioxidant drink. In fact it has just about the highest antioxidant rating of any of the antioxidant drinks

At my check up yesterday, the doctor spent a lot of time looking at my maculas. Of course I was beginning to worry thinking they were much worse. Well, he said ‘ your maculas look really good’. I was thrilled. I told him that I was drinking Ningxia Red. He said ‘whatever you are doing, keep doing it. Your maculas look really good!’. It is so exciting to find non-drugs options that really work.

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Flying with Essential Oils

I fly about once a month with my ‘real’ job and am so grateful that I am able to take my essential oils with me.

  • To keep from picking up who knows what germs from the recirculated air in the plane, I dab a little Thieves under my nose as soon as I get on the plane. I have noticed that I don’t seem to get any sore throats or colds anymore when I fly. I just ‘feel’ better too. I don’t travel anywhere without a bottle of Thieves. At the first sign of a ‘tickle’ in my throat I take a drop and that is the end of it.
  • I live in Orlando so there are usually lots of kids on the plane. If one of them is screaming or acting up, take and put a drop of ‘Peace and Calming’ on your hand, and touch the child’s clothes close to the face. Guaranteed to calm them right down. I have heard rumors that some flight attendants keep a bottle handy.
  • Be sure to take the bottles of Essential Oil out of your purse and put them into the ‘regulation’ size plastic bag before you go through security so that they don’t confiscate them. The other option is to pack them in your bag if you plan on checking luggage.
  • I always take a bottle of Peppermint in case of a stomach ache or headache. One of my team members started getting a sinus headache today and after just a few whifs of the Peppermint her headache was gone.

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Thieves Cleaning Solution and Non-erasable markers

>I had several people I work with at my house on Friday for an all day work retreat. One of the physicians accidentally wrote on a white board with non-erasable markers. He asked me if I had something he could try to get the marker off with so I handed him an unmarked spray bottle. One spray and it was obvious that the solution was taking the non-erasable marker off slick as a whistle. He asked me what the solution was and I told him it was Thieves essential oil. His comment was ‘It figures’…I’m getting quite a reputation around the office for alternative therapies. I worked with this same physician’s daughter and helped her with a non-allergic rhinitis (or so the diagnosis was) but that is another story.
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Oregano and Mole Removal

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I have had good luck using Oregano to get rid of some pesky moles. I rub a little on the mole two or three times a day. After a few days you can begin scraping or peeling the outer layers of the mole off. The only problem is that Oregano has a powerful aroma so you will want to use some of the other ‘strong’ oils such as pepperment as a perfume while you are using the oregano.

The key to success with any of the oils is to use therapeutic grade essential oils. These are oils in the purest form and therefore the most effective.

Has anyone had any luck using other oils for removing moles? I know people have tried others but don’t know what kind of success they have had…

Frankincense and my Ganglion

>Unbelievable! I had a good size ganglion develop on the inside of my right wrist. I decided to try a little Frankincense on it to see what happened. After the first application I could see a noticeable difference. I rubbed the Frankincense in really well 2-3 times a day for about 10 days. Now I apply about every other day. It is barely noticeable now. I love essential oils


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